I am currently a 22 year old student athlete attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying Fashion Merchandising and competing for the women's rifle team.

This blog is an extension of my creative life that I cannot always live when it is negative ten degrees or during my hectic athlete/student/college schedule.  I have to admit that I am THE WORST when it comes to documenting things-- things as in capturing moments through pictures with many loved ones and friends, pictures of the rocking outfits I can put together, the work I do whether it may be a design project for classes or the feat of making a dorm room look more like a boutique.   This blog keeps me accountable of recording and documenting my life, ideas, thoughts, and style (and to one day prove to my kids that i used to/hopefully still am a hot mama).

My theory for fashion, style, and all its other counter parts is that it should not be based on labels or how much money you have, but how key pieces can be put together whether it comes from a non-existent budget or an unlimited black card.  I don't necessary always love my budget, but work my creativity to put great looks together, with pieces that are mostly under $30.  Sometimes the most expensive thing in my outfit is jewelry or sturdy shoes and the rest are under $15.  It is possible to look great, not necessarily on a budget, but a reasonable price.

style you are born with, and sometimes can't be bought, unless you hire a great stylist.

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