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So after my rant about properly sized heels, I want to talk about closets.

I kid you not, I browse around 30+ blogs per day, PER DAY!
Its such a great way for me to unwind and find inspiration, and as inspired as I get, I always leave with a pang of jealousy here and there because these girls have six pairs of $600 shoes in six different colors...  I have six pairs of $6 shoes in six different colors, woo!

Or they throw around their Celine bags or Hermes belts, and gifted this and thrifted that, but then they post a glimpse of their closets and omg...

They spend so much money on a t shirt that their expensive clothes hang on plastic hangers seen in freshman dorm rooms. Plastic? Really?  

Then I feel realllll good about myself because even though I am extremely frugal with my purchases, all of my clothes hang on beautiful black felt hangers.

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Costco has sets of 30 felt hangers for $9.99, SO FREAKING CHEAP (TJ Maxx sells 5 hangers for $7.00), and I realized that for myself, attention is in the details, not just what I wear for the day, the type of style I want is not only shown through my clothes, but from the utensils I purchase to the type of hangers I buy.  

So for you budding folks wanting to make it out there, or just want to feel a little more luxury in your life, go buy some felt hangers and show them boss closets.


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Jasmine Garcia said...

I love this post. It make me want to go dump out all my plastic hangers and buy new felt hangers.

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