{ Memorial Day Weekend: Pt 1 }

-huntington beach-

Olivia was gracious enough to come see me in Cali since I didn't get to make a summer trip down to good ole' Arizona before I left to go back to Lincoln.

We had such an enjoyable weekend and I have to say the most fun I've had in a while!  Livi got us a stay at the Shore Break hotel at Huntington Beach, and man, those Joie de Vivre folks know what they are doing!  This first post will just be about how cute the boutique hotel is.  

I stayed at one of their sister hotels, The Saguaro, in Scottsdale last summer (post here), and want to make it a priority to go to each of their locations.  It's literally a slap of refreshing, fun, and contemporary design that really makes a vacation feel like a vacation.

The best part of the rooms? Those showers. THOSE DAMN SHOWERS.  are AMAZING.  I'm more of a shower person, and great showers and fixtures-- get me every time!

Zimzala cuisine quickly devoured


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