{ Iphone 5 headache }

I've turned into a religious Apple user, whether by choice or by accident, it happened. 

I can say that this Apple journey of mine has been rather smooth, with little trips to the Genius Bar of hipsters, and great devices.

Then came the IPhone 5.  I went from the IPhone 4, skipped the 4s, and backed all of my settings up to the IPhone 5.  AMAZING.  I didn't have to change a thing, all of my apps, my texts, settings, magically appeared as if I had never changed my phone in the first place.  Amazing right?

The only issue was that I would end up with, I kid you not, over 7 GB of "other" memory.  Which pretty much meant no space for apps, music, or photos on my 16 GB IPhone 5.  WTF.  

I couldn't backup my phone on Cloud because there was so much "other" memory, and deleting music, photos, and apps made it worse.  Nevertheless my phone was sooooo sloowwwwwww with all of the taken space as well.

Of course I looked at all the Apple forums and blogs and websites trying to find an answer, and all of them were the same.  Many have posted that they even went to the Genius bar and could not get a solution.

So over the weekend I went ahead and rebooted my phone from scratch, and rather than backing it up from my previous backup,  I painstakingly started it from new, re-downloading everything.

**I went ahead and took screen shots of all of my apps and their placements which helped a ton**

BUT, this ended up fixing my problem, making my "other" memory non-existant, and fixing all of the problems I have had with my phone.

SO, conclusion is, if you are going from an IPhone 4 to an IPhone 5, start it from scratch, because from all of the forums, this large "other" memory comes from backing up the new phone with the old phone's information.


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