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I cannot stress enough- lovely ladies that spend money on shoes, if you are going to drop $200 on a pair of heels, at least get the right size.  It pains me, and literally annoys me to see girls walking around in heels that are too big on them.  Sometimes when girls wear open toed heels, their toes hang out like eagle claws, and there is a huge gap from their heel to the back of the shoe.
  Nothing looks worse than a wobbly walk, and is almost painful to watch.  When heels are too big, what tends to happen is that the arch of the foot is not supported, causing charlie-horses (spasms), the balls of the feet hurting because they are the foots main support when the arch isn't correct, and lots of wobbly walking.

An example of poor sizing: 

An example of good sizing:
Nine West Heels worn by bloggers
  1. Only purchase well made heels-- just because something is expensive does not mean its well made-- that's a middle class way of thinking.  Well made can be found on sale and under $50.
  2. Get your foot sized- no matter how cute or nice the shoe "if it doesn't fit, it looks like shit!" I know so many people that stay away from a shoe category because it always rubs or hurts their feet, but it merely is due to a miss-size
  3. The more snug the heel, the better.  Try to get a true fit. Heels especially stretch out, and by the end of the day you are getting blisters and wobbling around because it has stretched.
  4. If you do have heels that are not perfectly snug, purchase foot inserts. Not the silicon kind that are made for support (they just end up slipping off the shoe and squishing in wrong areas) but the fabric kind that are rather thin.  It can help fill in half a shoe size, and truly help with a perfect fit.  I buy a three pair pack from Walmart for $10.00, and have them in most of my heels.
  5. If your feet are two separate sizes (one foot is bigger than the other), these shoe inserts work wonders as well.
This mistake needs to be fixed!


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