{ f u n }

If I could give advice to myself four years ago, or even to my teammates now, it would be to have more fun.

H A V E       F U N!

G O     PLAY!

image via Vivlio tumblr

Very meaningful words, because fun and play are associated with good times, happiness, togetherness, memories.  Sometimes I hate the fact that I am such an introvert, and that I am perfectly happy vegging in my room, painting my nails, or catching up on magazines.

I wish I had more fun.  I don't think it would have hurt.  In fact, it could have made me better.

Just like you fuel your body with food and water, I think you need to fuel your psyche and your soul with fun.  I really do envy those that are so carefree and always endlessly search for fun.  I feel that I could have been less uptight, focused better, and performed better if I had let my self loose and had fun.

Of course there is a limit, and that one needs to keep a balance of relationships, faith, and education in check, but man oh man did I not put much emphasis in relationships.

These past weekends have made me realize what I've been missing, I am utterly exhausted, but so happy, excited for the next day.

So have some fun.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, because it might just be the best night of your life.


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