{ t o d o }

a little to-do this weekend, lets say its just a little suggestion

1st off, get a Starbucks hazelnut macchiato-- let me tell you a little bit about this macchiato, the iced version is the best, and its my equivalent to Khloe Kardashians guardadito (cuban coffee) addiction

now i understand the appeal of Starbucks, now i understand why people spend so much money on their drinks, because you find your special one, and you crave it.  sometimes all through out class i crave a hazelnut macchiato.

hi, my name is joyce, and i'm addicted to hazelnut macchiatos.

moving on, 2nd, take that iced hazelnut macchiato, and go enjoy the weather outside!

literally spring clean your soul, get some sun, and for those that suffer with allergies, take some non-drowsy antihistamines!

enjoy the flowers, if you have any blooming, and maybe even go have a little too much fun


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