{ t h o u g h t s }

-l o n e l i n e s s-

I tend to ponder a lot, especially at night, when trying to sleep.  My mind races about what I had done that day, my tasks for the next day, outfit ideas, inspirations, creative ideas, and just random happenings.

I couldn't sleep one night, after many days of dark clouds, a bright light had shone through my window.  The moon, I hadn't even realized that I havent seen the moon in so long, much less the sun either.

Then a thought came to me, about loneliness.  How in books and movies when people are lonely they gaze into the moonlight, when all the sounds around them cease, and there is peace.  My father once told me something that broke my heart, when I had complained about how alone I was out in school, not knowing anyone. He said, "Nothing makes you feel lonelier than being by yourself in a city full of millions of people".  Knowing his situation, I shut myself up.

Now where this is going I don't quite know, but I hope you aren't lonely, and if you are, I hope the moon (referring to anything) can make you feel it a little less.

-a little poem by me-

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