{ spit rain }

When it rains in Nebraska, it spits.  Like little spits in your face.  Or it pours and hails- like a shower- when you happen to be walking to and from places on campus.  Linsey and I got stuck under my tiny umbrella, my short legs trying to catch up to her long azz legs, really just trying not to get more wet. funny story.

So spitting days call for hats! Grace and Matt bought me this one from these huge outlets in New York, and I must admit this is probably the first time I wore it out.  It was worth the wait because low and behold, it kept the spit off my face, and was such a nice addition to a wintery-wardrobe.



Chelsey Oliver: said...

I have been SEARCHING for the perfect hat... the only one I've found (that I really like) is from Free People and costs way too much :/

Yours looks fantastic though! Love the whole outfit.

Joyce Kim said...

Thank you!! I think I managed to get mine for around $20 from a Banana Republic outlet. Gap had some pretty ones, too.

I can never find hats that fit small enough ( or if they do they are expensive, like you said), so I actually used some moleskin to fit mine a little tighter, and when it fits better, it looks really great!


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