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I've been struggling with motivating myself to do anything these days.  I justify my laziness by telling myself that this is the last time I will have this much free time before I start my career, and that I should use up as much relaxing time as I can.  

So when weight training was switched to 6:30 am (I guess it really isn't that early compared to other sports), exercise motivation went down the drain.  Solution? At home yoga, for thirty minutes, before bed (which is when I happen to have the most energy).  

There are many discrepancies on whether to workout in the morning, during the day, or at night, but honestly I think its just up to your own preference.  Those morning workouts knock me out for the rest of the day, seriously, im done for.  Yoga at night helps me calm down and release my tension from the day's activities, helping me extinguish the endless thoughts that wander through my mind when trying to sleep.

Try it out!  Its seriously so invigorating, and surprisingly challenging.


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