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So my best friend Olivia finally came on a visit to the midwest!! She spent a very short weekend in Lincoln, and my oh my oh my its just like yesterday that me and her did not have licenses, and would walk all the way to Safeway for sandwiches (soooo cool huh).

We ate, we went to the zoo, we did some shopping (which is a joke here) and got to spend a night on the town!  

Fun facts:  
1. I have never spend Olivia's birthday with her, February 15.  All through high school I would travel during that time frame to compete in an annual match, and college didn't help either.
2.  We really never hung out, weird, but just understand each other
3.  We can not talk for months, and when we do, its like right back to normal (at least thats what I think)
4.  We don't stay in contact that often (which probably needs to change)
5.  She will probably be my maid of honor
6. I think she can read my mind

more zoo photos to come soon!


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