{ Rifle Paper Co. }

I really appreciate and respect graphic designers, surface designers, and any other creative title.

I feel folks in this industry are underrepresented and appreciated for their work.  Yeah society deems math and science all superior, but I think that stuff is easier than creativity.  Think about it, you learn, repeat, and memorize formulas, find new discoveries, but art is truly something from nothing. 

 No formulas, no guides, no calculations for a perfect product, its none but pure imagination and a will to create something new.

I think a lot of people can add/multiply/divide/calculate/formulate/ etc, but there are very few that can truly create

So when I find new and exciting companies such as Rifle Paper Co that do graphic design, I have to document and give compliments.

Not only do I love the company name ( I shoot rifles for a living), the couple that founded it's last name is Bond, like James Bond (extra bonus). Their products and blog posts are an endless source of inspiration and creative work, and I am so crushing on their new Iphone cover designs.

Images via Rifle Paper Co.


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