{ the real END }

A friend asked me if I was done with everything, practice, lifting, anything athletically related, maybe puzzled if I were a junior, and HOLY S*** I am done.

My guns are squeaky clean and greased enough for storage, taken apart and in their cases.  I am no longer obliged to lifting or practice-- I do participate in random drug tests (whoopee...), and go to meetings and such.  I'll be conducting my exit interview soon, and I am actually quite stunned that I won't be doing this anymore.

No set schedule, more free time, MORE MONEY (thanks Target for hiring me : best creative company ever) and getting out of my comfort zone and boundaries

I attended my last Student Athlete Recognition Banquet that UNL Athletics where I was honored to have even been nominated as the Female Student Athlete of the Year.  While I did not get the nod, two amazing-amazing-amazing athletes got the title, and DESERVE it for their dedication.  Husker Athletics honor their student athlete's achievements in the classroom as well as performing, and never do I feel more pride to have competed for the Huskers than at that banquet.  UNL has the most Academic All America athletes of ANY SCHOOL IN THE UNITED STATES (beat that asians that go to UC schools, our white kids are smarter than yours, aaannnndd they are competing at the same time).

On a less wordy note-- photos from the night (sorry for the poor quality)



eliz said...

What an accomplishment to be nominated!!! Congrats!! Also congrats on the job! Whoohoo!

Joyce Kim said...


Thank you so much!

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