{ b o t t l e d u p }

This is how i feel sometimes; bottled up and unable to get anywhere, afraid and scared of the unknown

Just like that mighty ship that is capable of so much-- yet trapped

I think this is a little phenomena my mind does to itself, it doubts and limits MY abilities.  Many people experience this, but the sad part is that very few can overcome it.

I've spent so many moments on that trapped ship, especially when its just me, my gun, and that target competing for four hours.  But thats just how I learned to overcome and burst out of that little bottle, with patience, perseverance, endurance, and belief in myself and the abilities God has given me.

When people say all guns and the participation in firing them are bad, are they really?  Do people really even know what they are talking about?  Olympic style rifle competition is the most serene of sports, and softly intense, sensual, rhythmic.  

I have so much respect for the sport, and for me, guns are not used to harm others, but to practice one of the first prestigious categories of precision.

People need to know that side of the story, too.  If you are going to talk about "guns", why don't you try it, study it, research it-- because the justification of why you think it is bad is "because it's stupid/gay or name calling individuals (Pierce Morgan-- by the way, if you don't like it here, why don't you kick your ass back to the UK)" is not a valid argument. 

A young man STABBED 14 others at a Texas college. I'd rather be shot clean than jaggedly stabbed.  We need to start caring for people and bringing attention to the health and well being of individuals, families, cities, school systems and solve the larger issue.


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