{ s a t u r d a y}

this past weekend was full of playing around and not being too serious (i need to lighten up), the mister and i spent a day in omaha.   In order to be fair, i make sure he gets plenty of time at Cabela's before major browsing/shopping occurs (the first photo is of me eating the MOST DELICIOUS roasted almonds -mid chew- hanging with the stuffed animals)

the weather was dreary, and little did we know it would turn into a {freaking} blizzard that night

oh, and i got a pair of plain 'ole white sneakers from old navy for $10 bucks, and i am in love!  i'm the type that never wears sneakers (strictly heels, boots, flats, sandals, etc), but i cant ge enough of how simple and comfortable they are.  beware for more sneaker posts later.

for a great cobbler in Lincoln, Ole's shoe and boot repair is legit, Dave's boots look brand new!


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Meghann said...

LOL, Ole's... :-p

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