{ s p r i n g -- just kidding }


layers, layers, layers

Sunny got her mom two angora rabbits for her birthday, and lemme tell you, 
1. they are HUGE.  Never did I expect a rabbit to be larger than a small dog
2.  They feel like a cloud, like you are touching nothing but touching something
3.  Angora is used in the softest sweaters and I think feel better than Cashmina (cashmere)
4. You can just raise an angora rabbit, comb its hair, and spin it into yarn 

Sunny has started my obsession with knitting, and her mom got me a drop spindle and sadly most of my free time is used being boring, knitting and spinning (at least im not getting a beer-gut and drunk partying right?) 

I'm kind of obsessed and want a bunny real bad.


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