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{Jamie Beck} is the epitome of glamour and beauty.  

She has a blog called Ann Street Studio where she shares her love of photography and makes timeless Cinemagraphs with her husband Kevin.  These Cinemagraphs are like Harry Potter pictures, quite fascinating, eery, and beautiful.

When I see her photos I feel like I am looking at photos of my beautiful grandmother when she was younger, and of old Hollywood movie stars. 

 I feel people and cultures have lost a sense of true beauty, glamorous '30s beauty that revealed natural and beautiful women.  

I guess that's just my take of beauty and what is considered beautiful.  

Lost is a sense of sensuality and  mystery to a woman without being nearly naked in a micro-dress, the class is gone, fake breasts and cartilage are in.  

Natural curves are out, photoshopped (rather snipped) arms and legs are missing in photography.  

This is a woman I look to for classy inspiration, someone I would like to emulate and look up to.

all images via Ann Street Studio



Chelsey Oliver: said...

Joyce! Jamie is my favorite! I've followed her for years and aspire to be as classy and elegant as she <3


Joyce Kim said...

She is the classiest of classy! I'm so glad I know someone that appreciates her as much as I do!

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