{ the glory called Montana pt I }

So I've been a lot of places, but I can say hands down that Montana is one of the most beautiful states.  Its a different kind of beauty, with grand mountains with many streams and valleys, and it beats Colorado (no offense) and many other mountain ranges i've seen.  

Now I understand my dad's obsession with the mountains, or maybe I am just more like him than I thought.  I called him raving about how beautiful it is in Bozeman and how we need a cabin there one day, but he purely said "California is the best because you have the sea, the mountains, the desert, all in one".. Touche' dad, touche'...

Off topic, never have I seen so many deer, mallord ducks, big horn sheep, and bison, and was somewhat hoping/terrified to see the overpopulated timber-wolf (think huge, Twilight, wolves).  Safe to say I am now very much in love with Bozeman, Bigsky, and especially Moonlight Basin for their gorgeous views and empty slopes.

A special thanks to ReAnn and Steve for the amazing weekend! 


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