i've currently been pondering about my relationships, how i have kept them, the new ones, the old ones, the ones i need to work harder at, the ones i will probably never see again once i start my new life, all of the bad and good ones i will face in the future, the ones that have little time left, the one i have been working on for the past four years-- where that will hopefully go and blossom into.

i wonder if i've worked hard enough.

i wonder if people have needed me in times where i was willingly unavailable.

i feel that relationships are so easily lost, because they are the hardest thing to maintain in a self-serviced world, yet they are so vital and important on many different levels.  they are easy to take for granted, and time slips away before one even realizes.

i ask myself why i even bother to be in some relationships, with bad influences, individuals that don't serve a positive purpose, individuals that i have to work with by default.

i wonder if my relationship with myself is even up to par, but then again i guess i can  use this awareness to start changing things day by day.

how are your relationships.
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