K, so growing up in Gilbert AZ was a very luxurious treat.  We had a big suburbia house (and Suburbans), down the street from a CVS and Walgreens, across the street was a HUGE library with lakes and star gazing telescopes and paths and riparian reserves, Costco's within a 10 minute drive in each direction, malls, cute restaurants, you name it.  I admit it was pretty boring at times, but who wouldn't like to be raised in a nice neighborhood, am I right?
 The closest thing to my house was a Mormon ward, they were like on every block in every corner.  And although I may have different beliefs, Mormon's are great! I grew up with 90% Mormon friends, and I have to admit every one was gorgeous and kind with the most amazing talent and style.  They can put together such bomb outfits, but being classy and modest at the same time.  

Where am I going with all of this? I found a blog, Nat the Fat Rat, and I am absolutely obsessed.  Not only does this mama have amazing modest style, but she is so creative and her family is so adorable!  Her apartment is to die for, and I think I have spent many hours just looking at her posts (creepy I know, but I have learned so much already!)


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