I was fortunate (hopefully it wasn't too unfortunate for my audience) to do a guest speaker spot for Cassidy's Merchandising 1 (TMFD 213) class.  With my little stint being in front of cameras and audiences for photo shoots, runways (what a joke! me? a model? never again!), a world wide 30 minute documentary on Arirang, and other presentations, you'd think it would be a piece of cake right?  I was actually a little frightened at the fact that I was actually informing and teaching students my opinions and observations on blogging, the importance of bloggers in the fashion industry, and internships. 

Well... how did it go?  It went well (at least I hope it did)!  The students were great and asked questions, and I am pleased that they are a fashionable bunch that actually dress up for class (Freshman year there were only a handful, myself included).  I probably said "soooooooo.... any questions?" a wee bit too much, or probably threw in some "you know" or "like that" that burst out of my mouth when my nerves kicked in, but I gave me a little more confidence in my [semester-of-reality-freak-out].

I will admit that I have been extremely stressed out and a little blue with the reality of trying to end my rifle career with excellent performances, trying to figure out where to live after I graduate, and what type of job to pursue.  But after all of my internships, a lifelong experience of buying markets and managing retail with my parents, the tremendous amount of discipline, perseverance, and never ending patience from Rifle, I AM GOOD TO GO.

With that, I leave you with the rest of my slides from the presentation!

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