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I was recently asked about mens style and what type of blogs or website/stores that the forward man could use to spruce up their style.  There are surprisingly many geared toward the new aged "modern man" thanks to a newfound trend of male style emerging, and hipsters that need to show off stylish goods.  There are not only apparel ideas, but lifestyle wants or trends that show off this ideal of having it all.  Its a lifestyle more than a brief apparel statement.

But-- as these sites may show their genre of style-- I think the best look on a man is what suits his lifestyle and body type.  As much as I hate it when guys have skinnier legs than I do, they can pull off slim cut jeans.  For those with more than skinny legs, please don't do super tight jeans.  I think a sportier look can definitely be as sexy as a suit and tie guy (DAVID BECKHAM), and that it takes just as much time to put on jeans than it does sweatpants (guys i'm sure you feel the same about girls)!  A major don't is the Bro look, just, don't do it.

Style can greatly impact the way people perceive you, and you will be treated differently.  Nothing beats a clean, well put together look, whether it be running errands, going on a date, or job interview, you never know who you'll run into.  Google Ryan Gosling or David Beckham, I dare you, and get some inspiration.

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It was nice meeting you, Brian.


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