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As I mature, I'm starting to love everything about being a woman.  The clothes, the beauty, and the many opportunities I have been blessed with in this era due to all the hard working women fighting for rights before me.  The world is at my fingertips and I can really do anything.

I have been in LOVE with Sunnie Brook, hair & makeup artist (extraordinaire), and have followed her blog, tips, and Beauty Bee store religiously.  Not only are her tutorials and tips extremely helpful, but you end up feeling so good after browsing through her site.

Meaningful causes are also a huge inspiration for how I want to live my life and start my career, and a little step such as buying amazing herbal tea for your skin, hair, nails can be a small start!  The purchase of this tea goes to funding TWO WINGS, whom aid in ones that have been survivors or are at risk of human sex trafficking.  

Working with Sapahn has been my stepping stone to make a small change, and I feel that every person that I can share Sapahn with makes a difference.  Sapahn, Thai for bridge, is an artisan driven fashion brand, bridging artisan communities and creating positive change in Southeast Asia. 


*This post was not initiated or sponsored by Sunnie Brook

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