{FRIDAYbeauty: hair masques}

--I count my many blessings, starting with my hair--
It's always been generally healthy, growing quickly, medium thickness, smooth, shiny, and holds waves and curls so well that people think my hair is naturally wavy.

BUT- the older i've gotten and the gradual dyes and styling have left it like straw, no matter how many haircuts I get.

My solution?  A cheap hair masque I stumbled upon at TJ Maxx.
It revitalizes my hair, and surprisingly gives more volume, holds styling longer, and doesn't get nappy and greasy quickly.  Whew knew such a heavy product could do just that?

I don't quite follow directions well, but what I have found to work the best is to put a huge dollop (think big), and coat especially the ends and even the roots (for those stubborn baby hairs that need care, too). Do this on dry hair and keep it up in a bun for 30 minutes.  Take a shower, shampoo and condition as normal, and voila! 

Shiny, healthy, bouncy hair.

I really do believe that most hair masques will work if they indicate REPAIR or MOISTURIZING, I like to think the more "ooh and ahhh" sounding, the better!


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