I think fall has officially arrived!  Its been bitter cold with no sign of snow yet (cross my fingers, the farmers say its going to be a harsh winter)

I love getting spurts of outfit ideas, or falling back in love with something I got bored of (i.e. this scarf and coat).  I can still not justify paying $50 for an oversized scarf, so I have been busy knitting, this one I made earlier this year, and its so comfy and HUGE!

I didn't feel too good while taking this picture due to not being able to rotate my neck for several days, but the outfit was too good to pass up.

Scarf: hand made
Coat: Forever 21
Sweater: Old Navy
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Ugg Australia



eliz said...

I been wearing the same sweater so many times already...too cute...and goes with everything :-)

Joyce Kim said...

I'm glad you found it in your size!

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