{friday: BEAUTY}

I recently got my hands on a fantastic face mask recipe that I cannot go without anymore.

Its now a 15 minute pre-shower ritual that I will incorporate on Friday's along with a hair mask, that gets me glowing and refreshed for the weekend.

Its called an aspirin acne mask from the Beauty Banter blog, and gets your skin glowing and helps keep it blemish free.

You need: 
1) 5-7 uncoated aspirin (cheap stuff from a gas station or drug store)
2) literally 4-5 drops of distilled (bottled or filtered) water
3) honey

I originally thought you had to crush the aspirin because I didn't realize the pill just dissolved in liquid, so no crushing required (YES!)

1. In a small dish, add the aspirin and a couple of drops of water
2. Just wait a few seconds, making sure the aspirin is in contact with water and add pressure with your fingers to create a paste (the drier the better)
3.  Add honey, I just kind of eyeball it, but you want good mask like consistency in it.  If you add too much water from the previous step, it just gets too goopy.
4.  Apply it wherever you need it, and relax for 10-15 minutes

I usually put a store bought deep conditioning hair mask in while doing this, and hop in the shower when everything is done.

Voila- you will look amazing


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