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I have observed how painfully real life is.  No duh right?
My coping mechanism? Trying to surround myself with pleasant people, views, and design elements that keep me sane no matter what situation or mood I may be in.

The result from life has led me to be kind of a neat freak, and while I may make fun of my self for cleaning even though a space is pretty tidy, I have to remember that there is nothing wrong with cleanliness.

I like to start my day (or attempt to) by making my bed at least, which is almost like mood-insurance for later in the evening when i'm exhausted.  Coming home to a cluttered mess gives me anxiety no matter how tired I am.

The tricky part of this is trying to accommodate everything into the tiny apartment style dorm i've been living in for the past 2.5 years.

I'll start with the kitchen, and lets see how far these types of posts will go.

1. Hunt for nicely designed elements, you'll be surprised what you can find if you really take the time to look
2.  You think you'll just get cheap stuff to last you through college, then throw it away anyway, but what a waste of money and time spent using ugly stuff
3.  Make TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, and Ikea your best friends! 

I see people purchasing sets from stores and spending well over $50-$70 on everything, and expecting to throw them away after college, to me its just a waste of money.

I love TjMaxx and buy most of my kitchenware there.   I started my kitchen with a 16 piece porcelain set from TjMaxx for $20 that was there due to the miss-printing of their logo on the bottom.  The white porcelain is always clean and classic, and the shape is square which gives it a more bistro feel.  
Instead of using plain old cup-jugs, I bought stemless wine glasses which were $6 for a pack of four at TjMaxx as well, and it just gives your taste buds and eyes a little more pleasant appeal.

I was gifted cute monogrammed Anthropologie mugs which are under $10, gifted saucers, and purchased small saucepans for $4.

So total this cupboard alone cost me only $30, but it looks like $300.

TRY IT OUT!  Life is too short to live un-aesthetically! 

And with great dish ware, you can create even more appetizing meals!


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Anonymous said...

ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again

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