Hello Lovlies, i've decided that since I can't always be taking pictures of my outfits (or that I run out of clothes to take pictures of), I am going to add a little beauty routine to this here blog.

There is something about Fridays that makes me so excited about my beauty routine because,
1) I have more time to rejuvenate with a facial mask and re-groom all my hairs
2) I have time to primp and re-do my nails
3) Its the start of the weekend and dressing up seems so much more reasonable
4) I look forward to going out to dinner with friends or enjoy a night out on the town, so my makeup routine gets a little more sparkle than usual

Today's topic will be about the very fundamentals of beauty: your skin

Since I don't use that many products i'll keep the suspense going by posting one product a segment...

The most surprisingly life changing product I have used is Clinique's Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

I have issues with acne scarring (A WHOLE 'NOTHER TOPIC!), dark spots or little dark freckles, and just an overall uneven skin tone.  I got to a desperate point where I would see my friends fresh faces in the morning looking beautifully even without makeup, that I frantically looked for quick solutions to ease my makeup-need.  
I had my little dark spots lazered off (a Korean thing), and looked around for skin brightening serums. Shiseido has a fantastic line for skin brightening, but a single product costs upward to $300.00.  Not in my price range.  So I went to my trusty Clinique counter and found this babe in a bottle.  

I started using the serum about mid July '12, and honestly didn't see results for a while.  I kind of forgot about my skin woes, and one day, BAM!  I wake up with a nice glow (I don't look like death in the morning), and can get away with a sheer tinted moisturizer!

It took about 2.5 to 3 months for this little change, but man, $74 hard earned dollars later and wonderful skin?  Best investment I've ever made.

Girls, trends come and go, our clothes stretch out and fade, but beautiful (sun protected) clear skin is forever!


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Jess said...

you just answered a question I hadn't even had the chance to ask! thanks

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