{a simple thought}

  The topics I unintentionally think about while shooting amuse me.  It's true in any sport or discipline, that unless you balance the rest of your life, or try to resolve issues currently bothering you, there is no way that it won't bombard into your performance.

The thoughts going through my head this week were about how I want to live my life.  The paths get so complicated and confusing-- I had an epiphany during kneeling today.

I'm simply going to live a life that leads an excellent example for my children and future generations to come.  I find a lot of my inner underlying issues come from the actions of my parents, and I have rounds and rounds of ammunition I could use against them from their past. 

I know one day my precious son or daughter is going to do something inappropriate for their age or inappropriate in general, and I don't want their reasoning to be that, "well you did this when you were younger than I am now, so whats the big deal".

The way younger generations are these days makes me scared as s*** to bring kids into the world, so maybe I can be that one person that starts a change.

I am a planner, and maybe this little bit of information can be something that someone else really thinks about or even implements into their own lives.


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eliz said...

Great thoughts to have...I have the same all the time...I hope my kids aren't like me as a teenager...hahaa

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