I took a micro vacation at the Saguaro in Scottsdale and it was absolutely fantastic.  It's such a precious hotel with absolute visual thought into everything from the colorful displays down to the glasses they serve.  The pool is heaven with underwater speakers and laying-out worthy cabanas.

I got to see my best friend of eight years, Oliva, and we are always a catch together.
--and Olivia, if you are seeing this, yes, i'm the beyotch that puts pictures of you up even if you don't want them up.  I think you are way too cute--

Thank you to Dave for taking all of our pictures, and sorry we don't take enough.



eliz said...

Beautiful place...heard nothing but great things about scottsdale...I looove your skirt!! Perfect!

Joyce Kim said...

If you ever have a chance to visit, the Saguaro is sooo chic, the rooms are a decent price, and the greatest shopping is a cute bike ride down the street, plus there is a Sprinkles Cupcakes too!

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