When I was younger- I thought I knew it all.  I had my life planned out and was so certain about everything.  But now it seems that every year that I age, the younger and more inexperienced I feel.  The uncertainty of EVERYTHING looms and with my senior year left at UNL, I need to start making some decisions.

Photo styling had never been in my set of careers until I had studied the meticulous subject in Visual Merchandising.  I started to think- Do I take pictures all the time? Yes.  Do I do similar things as photo styling in my daily life? Yes (Blog).  Did I love Visual Merchandising- BIG YES.

Now I study visual merchandising techniques and photo styling while i'm walking through a shopping center or simply looking at a billboard while driving.  Its amazing and all the work it takes to create the perfect shot is addicting.

JCrew never fails to disappoint in their catalogues, and is a perfect example of what I want to do.

Images via Jcrew August 2012 Catalogue



eliz said...

I love jcrews stripes...and their skirts but I can never figure out my size hahha

Joyce Kim said...

I just wish I could afford it!

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