{Daniel Kim}

So there is this guy, Daniel, that has the Kim artistic eye that I am actually jealous of.  Not only is he artistic, but musically talented (having gone through phases of prim and proper piano recitals to jumping/hair tossing  screamo bands), physically fit doing all kinds of crazy hand-to-hand jujitsu etc, and doing some time with the Army Reserves.  He is one of four equally artistic kids from my late aunt and awesome uncle Charlie.

His work is pretty darn impressive, and it just needs sharing.  I remember browsing and reading through his website/blog, about how he will run backwards, crawl, jive, and do about anything to get the perfect  shot, and it shows!

Here are some of my favorite shots, and take a looksie around his website and blog to find some of your own favorite, enjoy!

Thanks Daniel for letting me showcase your art.

A funny photo of Daniel and I circa.. 1994?


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