As time goes by, my interests change, (as my uncle likes to exaggerate, 'you change your mind every second!'), but this one is a good change, new, and predictable.

I am totally becoming domestic.

I'll just call it an evolution of style, where instead of really expressing myself through what I wear, I find I can make a larger impact in how I keep my environment.  

Clean. Harmonic. Pleasing. with a little touch of 'crayy-crayy' here and there.

I am in love with home goods and would rather spend money on them than clothes.  I pass TWO Tjmaxx's on the way to and from work.... so I stalk the isles often, and can't figure out how i'm going to fit everything back into my car for my trek to nebraska. 

Right now I can't stop stalking art work.  Long gone are the days of ripped out magazine spreads.  Helloooooooo art.

as P'trique says- i'll bookmark this page in case you're feeling spendy.. hint hint

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