Don't get me wrong, France is great, im sure, but Paris is a once in a life time place and only a place to go once.  Here are some more of the beautiful moments I got to capture, and when I finally get mentally and physically rested, I will have plenty to talk about :)

captions below pictures will explain a little more
our rainy arrival to Paris

linsey strutting her stuff

amazing chocolate jumbo macaron and cappuccino 

the view from a coffee shops down the street from the Champs Elysees
flowers from the street

the most beautiful arrangements and assortments of flowers

floating away in the wind and rain in front of the Arc de Triumph

linsey doing a more impressive jump


the trench coat mafia

the absolute best salmon sandwich.. but note to self, its a one time thing, too much makes you sick

first glimpse of the tower

from a boat ride on the Seine 

yes please.

balcony of the Opera Garnier

inside the Opera Garnier

the Arc de Triumph, silly us, we decided to walk up to the top, then master the Eiffel shortly after as well... my calves still hurt

view from the Arc

most glamourous staircase in the world

the best sight in the world! excuse the loud "woooo!!!!!" and the awkward face angles...


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