Since I am officially on the Instagram band wagon, I might as well share my weekly snapshots!  Funny thing about this Instagram, I never understood till now- after having had the app for months- that you share and post pictures, follow people, get followed, etc. 
 I just purely used them for the filters not knowing that a bunch of people were liking or following or commenting.  Which makes me feel dumb because I may or may not have made the same picture in 10 different filters, not knowing it would clog up someones feed- phenomenal right?

So I am currently able to relax a little bit at my mums place in Phoenix, resting up for a week of work and sand and BEACH and good 'ol Fourth of July celebrations.  Gotta get as much sleep because this next week is going to be CUHHRAZY.

my portable closet, because I continue to be a wandering nomad- after a while suitcases as drawers dont suffice

my new favorite flowers that I can find at Costco for $8!

all of the great magazines waiting for me in the mail at home

great new coral polish from F21

work location at the Summit House in Brea, CA for seminars

my favorite picture of Italy

my current read, which really is quite fascinating


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