i don't know what happened within the past week, it went from rainy-cold to humid-hot and im not quite sure how i feel about it.  the great part is that Milan's weather will be similar to the warm humidity (i think), so ill practice walking around all day in heels and heat.

linsey found a great photo location behind the east campus library, and its absolutely fantastic!

there were a TON of bugs out, so i thought some of the action shots of me freaking out about them were funny looking, and i hope you enjoy them

photo creds: linsey bode
dress: gifted by Easel
shoes: seychelles
belt: f21



elvi said...

I don't know what I like more...where you took your pictures or your outfit...both are outstanding!!

joyce said...

Thank you! The dress is actually around four years old too. Spring has been a great time to shoot photos.


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