{hats and chiffon}

as i near ever so close to my european departure date, the most difficult aspect has been pulling and editing looks that I want to take.

I am taking one checked bag, and need to keep it under 30 lbs in order to bring things back.  I am not expecting to shop for clothing because i am sure i can find just as many cute clothes back in the States, but rather saving my money for food and gifts.

i know for a fact that some bimbos going on this trip will pack too much, and there is no way in hell i will be lugging my bag + theirs.  years of traveling with my 50 lb gear bag + 50 lb rifle case + a carryon  have overly prepared me for this-- i knew there was a reason i became a rifle shooter (i became an expert traveler).

i have been experimenting with outfits the past couple of weeks, and will hopefully use them in Paris!

Forever 21 hat, dress, and belt
Sapahn "Joey" wallet
Old Navy sandals


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