photostyling cred: linsey bode

I obviously get my frugality from my mother, she is a woman that has had everything at the reach of her fingertips and has had nothing.  She is the strongest woman I know and can deal with the most difficult of circumstances.  I think she felt bad that she couldn't help me pay for my trip, but has been tirelessly searching Last Chance every weekend for my Milan/Paris trip essentials.  

Calvin Klein flats: $21
Nine West heels: $13
Classiques Entier heels: $13
DKNY trench coat: $40
Old Navy pinstripe shirt: $15
Fashion Magazine shirt: ~7 (wholesale)
Joia bag (black version of my camel one): $20
DKNY tights: $.99

 TOTAL $130.00

seriously, we need a reality show

outfit posts soon to follow!


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