I am loving this photo found via the Apartment 34 blog

which is something i am struggling with right now, and thought i'd pass the message along



Mary P. said...


Hi Joyce! it's me, Mary P., your former tcd teacher, now blog reader. I found your business card in the computer lab the other day which is how I stumbled along your blog! Which, I'll say, is great, by they way.

It's admirable to see someone seek out ways to express themselves which is, clearly, what this blog enables you to do. Intrinsically motivated! YES! So. big thumbs up on that.

Carry on. Put it out in the world. Listen to your heart because that's where the good stuff is.

And I'll sign off on that note before it gets too motivational speakerish...if I haven't reached that point already. ugh.

joyce said...

Hi Mary!

I am so glad you like it! I honestly wouldn't have been able to spruce it up if it wasn't for product development because I had no clue how to use photoshop... now I am kind of addicted.

I am always looking around, messing around, and applying my ideas to this blog, so I am glad you enjoy it. If you have any new ideas or need any more word of mouth about the work you do I would love to showcase it!


Mary P. said...

Photo editing can change lives. It's true! But seriously, I'm glad to hear you got something practical//applicable out of PD.

If you'd like to use images or showcase my work, go right ahead! Far be it for me to turn down free press.:)

Anonymous said...

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