{mom pants - not really}

today was such a beautiful day, just a little crisp, but cool enough not to sweat (a HUGE plus), and everyone seemed to be surprising me with flowers; they know me well

i am definitely most certainly going to try and post every day again like i used to, and have been planning some revamping changes to the blog name, so don't be mad if it confuses you, you will think its brilliant- at least i do

this first photo is from my S-money (sunny russell), who added a little floral sprig to my bike basket
and i love these GAP trousers, but i think they give me mom butt, but- its okay, im pretty sure im petite enough to pull it off.  if my mom butt offended you today i apologize  :)

sweater: old navy
trousers: GAP


1 comment:

Amy Nguyen said...

We go to the same school. What.

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