{spring decorating}

i have to admit, that i am a clean. freak. freak.

anxiousness overwhelms me when my room gets a little cluttered, or my closet is a mess (rarely).  i really never used to care but something about living on my own triggered it.  i think its also from some freak fantasy that one day someone important will need to see how i am in real life, and i want my real life to personify my career and pursuits.

if i am neat, organized, and clean at home, i will be neat, organized, and clean in every aspect of life, sounds logical, right?

plus, i love everything creative, chic, and fashionable, so its only natural that my living quarters look the same.  here is a new addition to my inspiration wall! 
i had some extra clothes pins from a Visual Merchandising project, and some extra thick yarn for knitting, and voila!

the pictures used to be taped or puttied up, but i figured that instead of wasting tape and ripping my wall apart, i can just clip and unclip new pictures

i <3 this


1 comment:

Linsey B said...

i like this! very cute

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