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For years, I have secretly plotted to turn my cousin Kristal into a girly-girl, sneaking nail polish on her toes while she was sleeping, showing her the benefits of curling hair, and hiding clothes in her closet that she would one day "happen" to find.  Growing up with three other brothers didn't help my case.

And all of a sudden, one day it happened, the dresses, cute jeans, cute tops, I envied her style! 
oh and that hair, the perfect messy curls, oh man.

When i got a package from my brother Isaac and Kristal (they are the same age and attend the same college) I was surprised to find in the folds of a UofA sweat pant, this little gem of rings along with a note.

Kristal is handmaking these small bow rings to raise money for Tiny Hands International, which is an organization that strives to stop human-trafficking, which saves girls from sex slavery.  I learned about Tiny Hands International several years ago, and human sex trafficking is by far THE LARGEST ISSUE that goes unnoticed in the world.  Stories of girls being sold by their parents, kidnapped, and raped as young as 3 years old.  The girls that are raped, end up pregnant, with their children enslaved to become sex slaves when old enough.  This is absolutely disgusting, and not only happens in other countries, but widely throughout the United States.  Because I can't kill every man that commits these acts, the least I can do is make aware this issue and to help support this cause. 

obviously you have eyes, so you can see how cute these rings are, and the packaging is so cute too!

support Kristal and support Tiny Hands International


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