i have a gripe to get off my chest.  
i usually just post pleasant pictures, styles, and trends, but now im going to talk a little

more than just a gripe, but a question, a means of understanding something that has been bugging me for so long

.girls perceptions of themselves.

i understand the once in a while complaints about ones body, heck even I do it, and it's okay, there is nothing wrong with that

but what i dont understand, what i cant wrap around my head, is why girls have such low self-esteem, especially the ones that have everything, that are naturally abnormally beautiful, and the only problems they have are the ones they create.

when they literally have "everything going for them" and such great opportunities but they choose eating disorders, or hook ups, or use other people likes pawns to make themselves feel better, or to get their hands on everything everyone else has, or having to change masks to accommodate the changing scenery or people, or are just simply pleasant wonderful girls that are so dreadfully unhappy

i dont understand, how can one be so unhappy with how they look when they are so beautiful?

i do understand that there are pressures to look a certain way, and that this growing scene of retouched beauty and unrealistic images are present, but at the end of the day when someone is hurting themselves the most does it matter? is it really a life or death situation?

i understand that i dress up and look put together, i dont dress for men, or women, but because i love
fashion and its an integral part of me, but i am good at it, and i love it, and i feel uncomfortable when i dont feel comfortable in what im wearing, and i love it more than shooting and hair products and makeup and diets and what car im driving or where i live, and i love myself the way i am and the only thing i worry about is what outfit im going to wear tomorrow, not how big or small or wide or thin i will look in it.

i have flaws, you have flaws, the girl you think is perfect has flaws.

but instead of thinking about flaws, what do you love most about yourself, and how can you love yourself and make a difference?  its time to start working on yourself, and the true people in your life with delight in it, and the rest that dont, you dont need.

i have had excellent people in my life nurture and guide me, and i have had horrible people that have hurt me, and so have many other girls, but everyone has a story, and instead of using it as a crutch, use it as a strength and advantage, learn and educate yourself on what is really important in life

maybe i am just looking at this from one side, and maybe i have never experienced it, maybe i am just having a bitchy day and realizing that these girls piss me off, but guess what?

i dont give a fuck.
learning your boundaries of what is important to listen and apply to yourself to grow and what to ignore is the best gift you can give yourself

just be happy, just be easy going, just be yourself

it might be a long process, or a quick slap in the face, but start working on it

because truthfully, there are more important things in the world, and people dont (and should not) care about how much you weigh, or what you look like, and if they do, they really need to stop being a lazy shit and start being productive with their own lives.



Meghann said...

You ok, chica?

joyce said...

Lol yes, just mad at girls for even doubting themselves

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