so i am the girl that chooses hard goods over soft goods, always.

boys, instead of buying me flowers, buy me clothes
why spend $5 on a cupcake that makes you fat when you can get a cute ring that lasts longer?

but all that changed when my friend Linsey started giving me her excess flowers from her floral design class

now i am infatuated with how wonderful they look and my room looks bare without them,  so now my sushi allowance will now go to fresh flowers!

a new ring or bracelet may make me happy for a day, but these flowers can last up to a week or two and brighten my mood instantly

the best part is that i now have full artistic license in how i want to arrange them, and having a feeling that a lot of my kitchenware will turn into vases....


1 comment:

elvi said...

Love flowers...my favorite springtime decor addition..Wow I really like how flowers look in a mug...I never thought of that!!

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