I did a little shoot with Sapahn on Saturday and it was really fun!  I was told that I am photogenic (which is hard to believe because ill have one good picture out of 100), and I got to see the great accessories for Fall 2012.  Mickey and Bridget were the other two models and looked fantastic

The location we originally had in mind was unavailable, so we went to the photographers office, which by the way was decorated with such a fun vintage vibe, that really makes me want to go to some flea markets to find old treasures

here is a little peek at what the photos might look like

photos via dave from my iphone (sorry for the quality)
dress via be yourself



el.vi. said...

ooohh photoshoots=fun! you look great that dress is lovely!

joyce said...

Thank you so much! Found it for $15 too!

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