{Ivanna Coning}

I got out of my night class early, and reallllly wanted some sweets, so dave and i grabbed a quick bite at Ivanna Cone

you would think that i would have chosen the banana split with vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate chip ice cream with more chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, and sprinkles, but dave created and downed the whole thing.  I on the other hand enjoy my waffle cone and strawberry ice cream

i have fallen in love with this ensemble of skinnies, comfortable plaid, and huge scarf (the same one i made here)

enjoy the outfit, and dont mind my exhaustedlatenighttiredface

aaand the photo's look like poop, i thought iphone cameras were supposed to be good???!?! 
accepting all proceeds to go towards a new camera that will suffice for blog posts and PARIS ;)


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