what money can't buy, i can make

D.I.Y beyaaatch, excuse my language, im very excited

1. I went to HOBBY LOBBY and got two bushels of fake flowers
the key is to go when florals are 50% off

2. pop all the flowers right off of the stems

3.  In the jewelry isle of HOBBY LOBBY, I got a spool of string that has a wax coating

4.  The head of the flower will have a little hole you can string the string through, so thread it stem side first into the flower, then make a loopy as big as you can knot.

5. Keep the string different lengths for a fun organic look

6. With pins (I used ball point push pins for sewing), wrap the ends of the string around it and string it around itself (the wax makes them stick together great!)

7.  Arrange them however you want, I did mine around the grand finale of my work

8. Meet Darla, my flower inspired new light source

9.  I just strung the flowers into a staggered bouquet with one colored one as center, and used my handy dandy IKEA cord bulb.

10.  I wasn't and am still not sure if its 100% fireproof, but the worst that could happen is that it would melt, so with notebook spiral wire, I made a small cage around the bulb itself..... soooo, guess time will tell...............?

Now I really need a Clapper.


1 comment:

dave said...

Hun, this is so awesome! You are really so very talented and smart!! annd impowwrtaant!! lol. I have a clapper for you so don't buy one.

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