why am i so tiny?

anyway, was hoping for some rain today so i could use my new bubble umbrella, but we will just have to save that for another post.

practice from 7-10:30 check
workouts from 1:30-2:30 check
class from 3-7:15 with dinner in between check

i am a busy woman, so i've decided to pretend to be busy going from show to show at NYFW and trying to dress the part, plus, you never know who you are going to run into and what people 10 years down the road will say about you.

i'd want them to say that i was the most stylish person they ever met

photos via Mickey

top: target
blazer: forever 21
skinnies: urban outfitters
booties: charlotte russe
scarf: h&m
bag: target



Meghann said...

you're tiny so I can be super jealous and strive to be you ;-)

And you are definitely the most fashionable person I know, I only pretend to try to dress nicely once in a blue moon though I got some GORGEOUS dark maroon skinny jeans for fall!

joyce said...

ahhhhhh so jealous!!!!

you and your long-azz legs would look so good in them :) pics please when you finally do

i miss you

Meghann said...

I miss you :) And I will do my best to find a time to wear them because I have this kinda flowy tank w/ ruffles and a fest to go w/ and I think it's gonna look AMAZING! :-p We should do a Skype date and raid my closet!!!

Meghann said...

that should be vest... stupid keyboard...

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