poor girl in an even poorer economy

i am a genius.

not to brag, but the past couple of days, something has been bugging me

that something was a new watch I had bought from Joia from my LA trip
and of course it was two sizes too big, and I never felt like going to a jewelry repair to get the links off, as well as paying $20 bucks to get the job done

i tried you tube videos and they sucked (i mean, who happens to have a watch pin taker-outer hidden away in their drawers)

I have come up with a savvy solution for fashionistas (or not) out there to fix it themselves

(especially just in time for me to wear it while working fashion week)


1.  An old post stud earring (something you don't mind throwing away)

2.  Something hard to hit it with (I used a small makeup bottle)

3.  The watch you want to re-size, and try it on to figure out how many links you need to remove

It was about 4 links for me (two links on each side of the watch)

4. PATIENCE.  its not that hard, but just in case....

1st step: look to see where the "inni" of the posts are, that is where you will be putting the earring into

this first picture is the "outti" 

this one is the "inni" (down there)

Then turn the watch inni side up, and put the post into it, holding it in place with one hand

With the other hand, slowly hammer into the earring to get the post out.
not ferociously, but enough strength to make it budge

Next, pull the pin out and detach the links

I just used the pin left over to get the rest of the pins out

Repeat the same process until the links are out

Once the links are out, take the remaining ends and piece them together, and put the pin back in to re-close them

Repeat on the other side as well, and your end product should turn into a beautifully fit watch!!!

Just keep the end pieces just in case you need to make your watch larger later

VOILA!!!  The Lately Watch Repair Service is now in action


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