color of the week

as a nail freak, i tend to do my nails every week (sometimes twice a week) and thought i would share what colors and brands i use

im thinking about how to do a tutorial on perfecting nails at home instead of spending $15 and over to go get them done

i was never allowed to wear nail polish when i was younger, and i find getting them done a waste of money (clothes first- always), so with my steady hand eye coordination, can do them myself better than what salons do for me

my nails grow like weeds too and i HATE claws

the shorter the better, and this weeks colour is.....


i absolutely love the RIMMEL brand polishes because they are only $3-4 bucks at Walmart, have a wide brush, and have liquid-y coats instead of thick coats of polish

and i swear by these e.l.f. polish remover pads from target, they have a bunch of little pads, but its not really acetone remover, but kind of an oil that smells so good and takes a whole hand off with one pad!!

and-- its only $1!!!!

absolutely awesome for traveling or keeping in your purse for nicks


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